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Payment Bond Claims

Like mechanic's liens, payment bond rights are powerful but fleeting.  Care must be taken to preserve payment bond rights and effectively assert claims.  Unlike other areas of Attorney Sullivan's practice, payment bond claims rely heavily on pre-suit correspondence.

Like any insurance company, sureties hate to pay claims.  Whenever a surety is required to respond to one or more payment bond claims, it is immediately acting in a defensive manner, employing skilled, experienced counsel in effort to find any reason to deny or reduce a claim.  Attorney Sullivan has acted as surety counsel, and understands the great care with which payment bonds must be handled, and how the initial presentation of a claim can mean the difference between payment within weeks, or after years of protracted litigation.  Cognizant of these extremes, he works closely with clients to prepare complete and, in turn, convincing bond claim packages that improve the likelihood of early resolution and payment.

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