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Commercial Collections

Sullivan Legal is not a collection agency.  All accounts are handled directly by Attorney Sullivan pursuant to specifically-tailored collection strategies, communicated in advance, and consistently followed.  Attorney Sullivan understands that letter-writing campaigns and phone calls are not likely to result in payment.  Abandoning legal foreplay in favor of decisive action, he prides himself on being able to commence formal legal process without delay, often filing suit and appearing in court on motions for prejudgment relief within hours of referral.  

In addition to his aggressive approach, Attorney Sullivan's experience has shown that consistent client communication and early account referral improve the likelihood of collecting on even the most challenging accounts more than any other factors.  For that reason, he has taken the Hourless Pledge, and offers alternative fee arrangements to all clients, including flat fee a la carte services and budget-friendly subscriptions.  Without the inherent barriers to communication imposed by the billable hour, the firm's clients are encouraged to refer accounts for collection before the erosion of any available legal options and without trepidation that they are writing a blank check, funding a legal process that they cannot control.  With early and consistent client communication, maximum results naturally follow. 

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