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Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy

No one ever dreams of filing bankruptcy, but sometimes bankruptcy is the only way to return to the path that will ultimately take you to your dreams.  

Everyday more and more families are burdened with the pressures caused by high interest credit cards, unemployment, outrageous educational expenses and rising health care costs.  For many, the month to month struggle of servicing their debt seems like an insurmountable barrier between them and a healthy financial future.  The Bankruptcy Code was enacted for the very purpose of helping struggling individuals and families put their financial difficulties behind them and provide them with a fresh start.  Despite the fact that filing for bankruptcy is perfectly legal and in no way immoral, many proud and hardworking individuals put off filing for bankruptcy out of fear that it will somehow serve as a scarlet letter—forever branding them as irresponsible failures.  Bankruptcy, however, no longer carries its age old stigma.  The worst economy since the Great Depression has made it not only an acceptable part of “good” society, but the sensible choice to move on from unfortunate circumstances, many of which were brought on by events beyond an individual's control.  

Whether you are facing an impending foreclosure, have medical bills you can no longer pay, or are being consistently bombarded with collection calls relating to one high-interest credit card or another, you owe it to yourself to sit down with a bankruptcy attorney to explore whether bankruptcy is right for you.  

Attorney Sullivan offers a free initial consultation, affordable flat fees, and manageable payment plans for individuals who have fallen on hard times and can no longer pay their debts.  He understands the Bankruptcy Code and has helped families save their homes, keep their cars, and regain their financial freedom.  Moreover, he sympathizes with your financial struggles.  He has helped neighbors, friends and his loved ones rebuild their financial futures through the Bankruptcy Code and will offer you the same level of dedication and understanding during this difficult time in your life. 

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